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Welcome to MathPhy 量计量瞶

Well...... our newgroup:
There is a web-based version:
The newsgroup is powered by visualmedia, here are their rules. 
Comment and suggestion? You can reach me via email: mathphyweb@yahoo.com.hk  

In fact, the age of newsgroup has gone. I recommend you go to Google group sci.math *, sci.phy * instead. Forum in PlanetMath and PlaentPhysics also do.

Acknowledgement: The original picture shown in the title is provided by Gentoo Linux Documentation. Our title image at the top is not part of the Gentoo project and is not directed or managed by Gentoo Foundation, Inc. 

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2008 03 27 http://mathphy.110mb.com/ open.
2006 08 01 news://news.visualmedia.com.hk/edu.MathPhy open.
2006 07 31 http://hk.geocities.com/mathphyweb/ open.

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